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Thursday, October 29, 2009

St.Vincentius a Paulo Surabaya

Starting in "the ideals and needs". Thus, the ideals and needs that emerged in 1918 was fueled passion and determination to hold a Catholic Hospital in Surabaya. On 01 Oktober 1919, the Mover of Surabaya prefect Apostolic Mgr. Fleerackers SJ, signed a purchase and sale agreement 2 parcels of land in the area Reiniers Boulevard (now known as Jalan Diponegoro) by Roomsch Kerk en Armbestuur (Governing Body of the Church), Surabaya and landowners RP van Alps. Purchase and sale agreement contains important terms of contents:
1. Parcels-parcels will only be used for the establishment of hospital and home for nuns.
2. If within 3 months of development time did not begin in earnest, then the parcels, such parcels must be returned and the money will be refunded without interest too.
That was the genesis-going Catholic Hospital St. Vincentius A Paulo - Surabaya (RSK).

To support the realization that, on 9 September 1920 formed an association named St.Vincentius a Paulo, which is officially written: "Katholiek Ziekenhuis te Roomsch Surabaya Vereeneging (RKZV). Because of the political situation, this association is difficult to support the establishment of the Catholic Hospital such, it gives leeway to the revised agreement, which soften the sanctions in this agreement.

In 1923, Jesuit priest Father-(SJ) was replaced by Father-romo Lazaris (CM) development committee then changed hands to the Romans. de Backere, CM.

In 1924 the government closed down all the clinics in doctors Roomsch Katholiek Surabaya Surabaya Ziekenhuis te Vereeniging (RKZV, namely the establishment of a Committee of the Catholic Hospital in Surabaya) take advantage of the situation by renting a building to establish a hospital foundation. Dr former clinic building. De Kock on the road Oendaan Koelon no. Surabaya was made 31 hospitals with 35 beds capacity.

Existing buildings, but the organizers do not exist. On 03 Mei 1925, six nuns Abdi Mission Sisters of the Holy Spirit (SSpS = serva Sancti Spiritus) who first arrived in Surabaya from its Central Monastery in Steyl - Netherlands. The six nuns are:
1. Sr.Jezualda, SSpS
2. Sr.Manetta, SSpS
3. Sr.Sponsaria, SSpS
4. Sr.Stephaniana, SSpS
5. Sr.Aldegonda, SSpS
6. Sr.Felicina, SSpS
03 Mei 1925 date set as the foundation of the Catholic Hospital.

Arriving by express train in the station Gubeng Surabaya from Batavia after traveling for months by ship from the Netherlands. Regardless of exhaustion, the same day the nurse was on duty including night duty, because the 2 (two) patients have been waiting for. Official opening of new RKZ conducted on June 20, 1925.

With the ever increasing need for health services, small Hospital increasingly inadequate. Construction of new hospitals increasingly considered urgent, but on the other hand as the underwriter RKZV difficulty answering deals primarily with funds. There was no other way unless a better offer SSpS nuns to continue his mission of establishing the hospital.

On April 18, 1933, the Foundation of the Sr. Arnold. Donkers SSpS Jezualda as chairman, Sr.. Lintz SSpS Nivita as secretary, and Sr.. Everts SSpS Aldegonda as treasurer. And on October 11, 1933 at 16:00 in the ground Reiniers Boulevard 136 (now Jl. Diponegoro no. 51), carried out the first stone laying of the construction of a Catholic hospital by Father van Hall.

Completion of the first phase with capacity of 50 beds in 4 pavilion marked with the blessing and inauguration by Msgr. Th. De Backere CM on October 28, 1034. Then, the patients of the Catholic Hospital in jl. Oendaan Koelon trafficked to the new treatment.

Development was not stopped even though the funding needed to fight hard, through the sale of bonds. Year was 1942 when the capacity reaches 96 beds, there was a disaster. Japanese troops took over the Catholic Hospital and the sisters in captivity. After the surrender of Japan lost the war, made by General Hospital. Thankfully, in the end of 1948 returned to the Hospital of the Sisters SSpS who start from scratch again, and start the sisters organize and restore existing facilities in the Hospital.

Walking together over time, always strived development and addition of facilities and improvement and human resource development, as a commitment to provide the best service and professional, as the development and improvement of health services.

Thus, continuous, Catholic Hospital Paulo St.Vincentius a more beautify themselves, to the more worthy to Hospital More, for those who seek mental health-sport, through the touch of love that gives life.

Surabaya Internasional Hospital

(RSSI) is a modern health and medical facilities, that present Surabaya society and around it, a new era of high quality health and medical service, which operated under the management of Ramsay Health Australia. It is a join between commitment and experts from Indonesia dan Australia.

RS Surabaya Internasional (RSSI) has completely built and officially operated at March 16th, 1998. With its total capacity that is 168 bedrooms, RSSI offers a new health service concept.

It is located at save, comfortable and quite place in the housing area in East Surabaya. RSSI’s rooms is divided into 2 main building block: Clinical Block and Treatment Block/Medical Ward.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Advent Bandung Hospital


Bandung Adventist Hospital was established on October 2, 1950 by Donald N. Holm was a doctor and missionary Adventist Church. At first Adventist Hospital is located at 40 Castle Street, Bandung former residence of Dutch people who converted to health facilities with a capacity of 24 beds.

Hospitals are then developed so that in 1953, and additional hospital bought the land for residential building of medical staff and other health facilities. Because of the positive response from the community about the year 1960 Bandung Adventist Hospital has grown to 110 beds. To serve the wider community hospital was transferred to Advent Cihampelas Road 161, where a more strategic and broader. On January 24, 1963 First Lady inaugurated Hartini Soekarno bertinggat hospital building with a capacity of 3 beds 150.

Over the years Bandung Adventist Hospital known as "the American Hospital" because most of the doctors come from the United Sekikat. In 1970 the leadership of the hospital were transferred to the son of Indonesia. Dr. Henry Novak was the last foreign doctor who became chief Bandung Adventist Hospital.

Year 1990 Bandung Adventist Hospital is one of the best hospitals in the health facilities. One executive rooms and 2 VIP rooms inaugurated in April 2000, then added 10 VIP rooms in 1997, so this hospital bed capacity of 215.

September 2000 established the Central level 2 patient and the Newstart Plaza. Year 2003 added a wing on the 3rd floor for inpatient rooms 3 and 6 Super VIP room.

Bandung Adventist Hospital is one of 500 hospitals and clinics in the Hospital and Clinics network worldwide network of managed and owned by the Church of Seventh-day Adventist.

Awards and Accreditation

* BEST APPEARANCE 1994, in the field of application of Standard Service, Performance and Management Cancer Hospital.

* 1986 Award of 1, work performance-Se Hospital in West Java.

* AKREDITASI, Hospital Accreditation Committee (Kars). Accreditation for 12 years.


* Public Service, Anesthesiology, Cardiology, Dermato-Venerology, Digestive, Endocrine, Gastroenterology, General Surgery, Internal Medicine, Nephrology (Kidney Disease), Neurology, Nutrition, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Oncology (Cancer), Opthamology, Orthopedic, Otorhinolaryngology (ENT ), Pediatrics, Pediatric Surgeon, Psychiatry and Mental Health, Psychology, Public Health, Pulmonology, Radiology, Spine, Tropical Infection, Urology.

* Health Services, Medical Check-Up, Hemodialysis Unit, Rehabilitation, Spine Center, Emergency Care, Intensive Care, Home Care, One-Day Surgery, Charity Clinic.

* Special Services, Pastoral Care, Community Health Education, Counseling Psychology.

* Health Facilities, Rooms, Diagnostic Imaging, Treatment, Clinical, Laboratory, Pharmacy, ICU.

Santo Borromeus Hospital

Starting from a small hospital is very simple and pioneered by the sisters from the Netherlands who joined the Sisters of Charity Community Borromeus Carolus in 1921, the Hospital of Saint Borromeus "Your Partner Towards Healthy" is always working to provide the best health services to improve the quality of community life .

Hospital of Saint Borromeus very understanding that we must be able to recognize and meet customer demands and expectations. One way is to always follow technological developments in the field of perumahsakitan, in the procurement of sophisticated medical devices that are able to create and provide health services to satisfy customers. Answering the challenge, now St. Borromeus Hospital with specialty areas of Cardiology presents Mono Plane Angiography Allura FD 10 C which is the latest generation of laboratory Katerisasi (Cathlab)